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It’s good to be on our RPO team.

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What’s RPO you ask?

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) team is dedicated to recruiting, screening, and hiring permanent placements for some of our clients. Our RPO team steps in when clients have aggressive hiring goals or, just need extra support when it comes to recruiting for their growing business.

Essentially, we’re an extension of their recruitment team, providing a seamless, on-brand applicant experience for their candidates.

Today we’re talking to Barry—one of our veteran RPO team members—about what it’s like to be a part of the team and his passion for providing a great experience to clients and their candidates.

Hi Barry! Tell us: what do you love most about working on the RPO team?

We get to speak with people from all walks of life - from all over the country. We get to share stories, laugh together, and learn about the dreams of our candidates. It is a reminder that we all have our own pressures, concerns, and goals. It is exciting to have instant connections with candidates, learn about their lives, and find people that are going to help our clients be the best they can be.

We love getting to know our associates! What are the three most important things you remind yourself of during these candidate interactions?

  • Would I want them working for me?
  • Would I want to work with them?
  • Do they fit the client’s requirements/needs?


Yes—it’s so important to vibe with the people you work with; it keeps the day fun and the company culture strong. How do you ensure that you provide an on-brand experience for candidates and find those cultural fits?

Understanding the core values of the companies we represent is paramount. Our leads are in constant communication with the managers in the field. Such a close relationship with field managers ensures we can assess, adjust, and address any needs quickly and effectively. Taking the time to do site visits as a team and hear feedback from the field allows us to truly understand our clients’ needs and find candidates who are excited by the opportunities we present.

Experiencing a client’s culture first-hand is so important in making sure we create that on-brand experience for applicants. When screening a candidate, what personality traits do you look for?

I went through the same interview process as a recruiter that my candidates are going through now. This makes the world of difference. The questions are based on the core values of the companies we are representing. Those core values helped mold an AMAZING environment in our office, and I want to foster the same comradery at each client I staff. I look for hard-working, honest, and engaging candidates. People who want more for themselves. People who are looking for a home. People who want to be the greatest of all time. Most importantly - people who will invest as much into our client as our clients invest in them.

Sounds like a tall order! What’s been your biggest challenge?

We are constantly finding new ways to smooth out the process. There are a lot of manual and moving parts in recruiting permanent hires. Our number one goal is to make sure candidates successfully move from onboarding to their first day. Typically, things go smoothly, but after onboarding, candidates are out of our hands - essentially. Very rarely, a candidate will miss a communication from a GM and so they’ll need to adjust their start date. We have spent a lot of time reviewing our process and making sure candidates know exactly what to expect from the client after they finish with us – that has really helped.

Those first few weeks working with a client are always so collaborative, especially if they’re implementing a brand-new recruitment process. What three things are important when creating a strong client/vendor partnership?

Communication, understanding, and respect. At the end of the day – we have the same goal. We are just focused on different parts of the process. It is easy to get wrapped up in expectations without understanding the work that goes in on either side. Open lines of communication with strong feedback help us understand our clients’ needs. That communication benefits both sides. I want our clients to understand how hard we work to find them the RIGHT candidate. We also need to understand that our client has a million things they need to worry about, so we are passionate about making sure recruitment stays off that list. Understanding the process lets us respect each other’s hard work. Communication, understanding, and respect. This all adds up to make the most important part of a client/vendor partnership - TRUST. (Yeah, I know I’m cheating by giving you four…)

Trust in a partnership is important, so I’ll take it! What’s been your most rewarding client moment?

My coworker and I started the same week. We eventually got to tag team on a new warehouse launch for a national snack delivery service. We staffed the entire warehouse ourselves! It was really fun and rewarding because we got to talk about the different candidates we hired and think about how they would work together. I could see the people who had the same sense of humor, people who would bring different strengths, and imagine the little family we helped create.

Feeling proud of our work at the end of the day is what it’s all about. What’s been your most rewarding associate moment?

Our leads pass on feedback from the General Managers. I love hearing about people I remember interviewing that are getting rave reviews from their managers. It’s reassuring to know I am making a difference.

Ok – final question: what’s the best feedback you’ve ever received from an associate?

Our admin team reaches out to all the candidates that our team approves for hire. They talk to A LOT of people. It is always nice when they tell me one of my candidates was super friendly, or mentioned me to them, or gets all their onboarding paperwork in immediately. I like to know when I get people excited about working for our client. I love when candidates talk about how much fun they had or they have a lot better understanding of what our client stands for. 

Thanks, Barry!


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