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e-Commerce Staffing & Recruiting

Strong e-Commerce talent & top-notch customer support behind every order filled.

We provide flexible, scalable e-Commerce solutions to support today’s most demanding order volumes.

An Experienced and Scalable Team for Today’s e-Retailers.

At Integrity, we understand you need to get customer orders out the door, delivered on time and in top condition.

Our e-commerce workforce is ready to meet the demands of the ever-changing digital marketplace.

High-volume fulfillment, warehouse, call center and customer service talent for e-commerce.

Ready to put our e-commerce workforce to work for you?

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    Customer Service
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    Call Center
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    Pick, Pack, Ship, Receive
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    Onsite Associate Management
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    Onsite Support Teams
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    Order Fulfillment
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We deliver workforce solutions that adapt with e-Commerce market and business changes.

That’s Integrity — a staffing partner able to flex with your evolving needs. Whether you need one person or 1,000. Contact us today to learn how our custom-built staffing solutions can help you find the e-commerce and customer support talent you need.

Get real-time reporting and data to make critical business decisions.

A world-class e-commerce staffing program needs to adapt, move and respond to each day’s challenges and opportunities. Ready for your upgrade?

Integrity’s tech (and talent) stack provides the automation, integration and workforce innovation you need to see exactly what’s happening now and how to respond. With it, we’ve been able to exceed the demands and expectations of some of the world’s largest e-retailers.

Find talent

Infographic: How We Find Great Talent

We’re passionate about connecting great talent with great companies. Walk through our process to learn how we find the right-fit talent primed to succeed.

Cut the Chaos and Streamline Your Staffing Vendors

Managing multiple vendors for staffing needs gets stressful. Learn how a master provider can coordinate vendors and ensure you get the quality talent you need every time.

Why It’s Time to Embrace Flexible Staffing

Flexible staffing has helped companies ride out rampant uncertainty over the past year. Learn how it can help your business navigate future dynamics.

Maximize operational and cost efficiencies across locations with Integrity’s onsite & centralized teams.

Our centralized teams handle all the administrative work so that our onsite teams have a singular focus: getting candidates started in your buildings and keeping them there — safe, engaged and productive.

Find out why our talent is coveted by the biggest names in e-Commerce.

In a competitive market, you need an e-commerce staffing partner who goes above and beyond to deliver the talent you need, when you need it.